Basic Handmade Soap Class

Duration & Procedure:  Estimate 7 ~ 8 hour

    1. Understanding the Theory of handmade soap & recognize raw materials
    2. 1st Preparation and making soap (Household Soap)
    3. 2nd Preparation and making soap with Swirls (Bath Soap / Shampoo)
    4. Skill of Cut, Repairing & Stamp the Molded Soap

Package Inclusive of:

  1. Set of Handmade Soap Theory include Recipes
  2. Raw Material during learning period
  3. FOC 2Kg of soap (worth RM 400) MADE WITH NATURAL CLAY & HERBS.
  4. A Set of Basic Tools to making handmade soap
  5. Lunch of the day (for whole days learning student only)
  6. Offer for Practices after Courses
    • Waive 3 times of Venue fees, only pay the fee of raw material