About Us

StarzTeam Art & Craft, a handmade skincare company established in 2016.

Our products are all handmade with natural ingredients.

We want to help people by taking care their own better. Everyone deserve to treat themselves better by using decent and natural products.

We know our stuff

All the products we made by ingredients we know. We are proud of all our products as we know exactly what it is made of. Our products contain natural ingredients such as honey and ginger which we source from local Sarawak (Malaysia) farmer and we combine these with carefully selected, man-made ingredients to offer natural handmade product to our customer. We make our products here in Miri Sarawak, by handmade from our people we know and trust.

Environment’s best friend

We always believe if everyone able to contribute even a tiny part to the environment, the collective impact will be incredible.

In daily life, we often dump the oil after cooking, there is a way to treat these used cooking oil more effectively. The used cooking oil can be recycled and reused. The oil can be recycled through specially formulated process to be saponified into soap. This is a very wonderful change. Products made with used cooking oil can also be used as a detergent or dishwashing.

Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil and water.

A journey of “me”

The process of making handmade product is therapeutic. Creating an own craft from scratch by putting all the raw ingredients together to the final masterpiece gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This is also a journey of growth by learning new thing and explore new experiences will refreshed the mind from our daily boring routine.


We also provide services:

  • Workshops or personalised soap making courses by certified trainer.
  • Custom made soaps and candles (gifts for various occasion, eg. Wedding, doorgifts and corporate gift)
  • Space and equipment rental for soap making